So when I was working back in Dublin, I was working in a building called the Digital Hub, which housed many small, new media companies. Web design, production, film, radio, etc etc, and in amongst all these companies is one particular small company called Moli.

Moli is a social networking site for the smart person – you have one account, but you can have different profiles. So, if you are a Jack-of-all-Trades, like myself, this is a great and clever innovation. On mine, for example, I can have one main profile for me, as a person! Then I can also have a profile advertising my music, which I have also managed to set up a shop on, so people can actually purchase tracks! Then lastly, I have a profile promoting my freelance web design.

So, if I am speaking to different people about different things – for example Louis Walsh about my music – I can give him the link to my music site. If I am speaking to Google about usability and web design, I can give them a link to my web design profile!

In reality, I’m not really going to speak to those people, but you can see the benefits of having mulitple profiles in one account. It takes away the unnecessary need for multiple different social networking sites all because they provide different functions, Moli provides pretty much most, if not everything, that the majority of other social networking sites provide and more, and with everything all accessible in one account, you can’t really go wrong!!

Check it out!! It’s my tip of the summer 🙂