My Thesis Idea….

December 15, 2008

So after lots of deliberation and consideration, I was originally going to investigate sexual orientation, gender-bending and online gaming. It would have been too hard to find all my participants who I needed, so I opted to go for something more achievable.

The ability to choose a gender online has interested me immensely, and I have often wondered motivations behind the choice, aside from ‘just because I can’. So after researching, speaking to a few different avatars in Second Life and characters in World of Warcraft, I wondered did it have a connection with ‘Achievement Motivation/Need for Achievement’.

People with a high need for achievement (nAch) seek to excel and thus tend to avoid both low-risk and high-risk situations. Achievers avoid low-risk situations because the easily attained success is not a genuine achievement. In high-risk projects, achievers see the outcome as one of chance rather than one’s own effort. So I wondered is Gender-bending seen as something with makes completing a task in a game achievable, but not too easy, and not too difficult! Really, I want to see how it relates to Gender-bending, if it relates to gender-bending, and what the results will show at the end of it.

I hope to get some rich data by having informal interviews with between 5-8 people, and then gather some quantitative data by putting together a questionnaire.

So lets see how it goes, I know it’s a fairly touchy subject for some people, who, I have seen act rather offensively when previous blogs have mentioned it.

* Dives off into the abyss… *