Well we can always rely on Stephen Fry to have amazing judgment on new gadgets and technologies, Twitter has not escaped his watchful eye, thats for sure!

Tweet with Twitter

Tweet with Twitter

I have been following Stephen Fry on Twitter for a number of months now, and have been enamored with his interesting tweets. Especially when he was filming a documentary and kept his follows updated on every step he took.

Now, since mentioning being on Twitter on Johnathon Ross TV show, his following figures have soared, so much so that he had to release this on his blog to give people guidelines. Popular man!

If anyone is interested follow me on Twitter. I frequently Tweet about Usability, Accessibility, HCI, Web Design… occasionally song lyrics. It’s been an interesting tool to keep in touch with people, and to meet new people with as well. Sinead Cochrane really deserves the praise for this for introducing me to Twitter.

The ease of use, and the accessibility of Twitter is what really has driven up it’s numbers. People can use Twitter using their PC, from their Mobiles, PDAs, Iphones etc. 140 characters means you have to say a pretty short message, short and sweet I guess, but this is what is really it’s a charm.

Without having to sit down for hours at a time, reading/writing a blog post, take seconds to update and inform, elaborate later if needs be. In a time when everyone seems to be rushed off their feet, Twitter allows us to take 5 minutes to be kept updated on many people at once.

Oh My God!

Oh My God!

Well, I have to say a massive thank you to all of you who have taken part in my survey!!

I have had a huge amount of responses, it has been incredible! I posted the survey on Sunday evening, and by yesterday I had nearly received all my required responses! I’m glad I decided to leave in some comment boxes, I have received numerous very interesting responses, people do have very interesting reasons, and very interesting thoughts about my survey.

I am still looking for participants, particularly those who do NOT gender-bend in either Second Life or World of Warcraft! If you fall into this, please fill out survey, or pass it on, I’ll still be keeping it open for a while yet!

I have been relentlessly abused in certain forums, but I have learnt lessons, and I have added changes to my survey upon suggestions, I’m not too proud to admit that things could be improved! I really enjoy doing research, I enjoy this line of education, I’ll be a student forever.

Keep reading, I’ll post updates as they come!

Now I need to starting analysing results… this is the difficult part!

Do you play World of Warcraft or Second Life?

If you do, I would love it if you could take part in my survey!

World of Warcraft currently has 11.5 million monthly subscribers, there are 15 million registered-accounts on Second Life, and 82,000 active members in-world at any one time. These numbers show that millions of people are interacting, collaborating, forming strong relationships online every day, with fascinating outcomes.

My research is specifically investigating gender-bending online. This is when an individual chooses to play an avatar who has a different gender online then they have in Real Life. It’s a common occurrence in online gaming, and a simple Google search brings back hundreds of thousands of results about it.

I’m trying to find out the reasons that inspire people to gender-bend, so in order to do this, I have created a survey which I need people who gender-bend in these games AND people who don’t gender-bend to respond!

You also have the chance to win a €50 Amazon voucher at the end of the survey!

I appreciate anyone who responds, I am extremely grateful! If you don’t happen to play either of these games, pass it on anyway, you may know someone who does! It’s quite quick, only takes 10 minutes to complete!

Online Gaming Survey!

gender second life

gender second life

Surveys, Forums, Abuse!

January 18, 2009

So, as I am currently doing my thesis on Online Gaming and Gender-bending, I have needed to recruite participants. 


What better way to do this then head to forums where these people flock, to discuss general gaming issues, specific issues, and all kinds of topics are spoken about. So off to the forums I went – a whole bunch of different ones relating to Second Life, World of Warcraft, online gaming etc etc – I was armed with my little brief to declare that I was credible, and a link to my survey. 


I contacted people before I posted, I made sure I gave a few weeks notice, most never replied to me, unfortunately. Not to be knocked down, I made a little post on each forum, stating my purpose, myself, and a small request to take out ten minutes to fill in my survey. 


Well, little did I realise that forums are often asked if they like Pepsi quite repeatedly, and most responded to me quite unhappily, and often flaming me.  I should have come prepared with body armour. 




I find it very unfortunate, I am researching to add information to the gaming community, a lot of people still view online gaming as a past-time that is done by 12 year old boys, sitting in dark bedrooms, hunched over PCs. I want to spread the word that this is not the case, that many different men AND women of ALL ages play, and to give reasoning behind some of the behaviours that have occured as a result of online gaming. 


My research request has been frequently thrown back in my face, I will continue, I will carry-on and I won’t be discouraged. 


240 responses seemed so much smaller and more achievable 3 months ago….

Wiki What?

January 3, 2009

Funnily enough, before starting my 2 year MSc in Cyberpsychology, the only wiki I knew about was Wikipedia. 




Didn’t really know that you could use them for pretty much anything you want! When I recieved the brief on the assignment I had to do, I was unsure, the actual Wiki itself looked pretty cool, it was everything else that was confusing. 


Upon recieving clarification, I chose my topic – Wiki’s in Education. 


And ya know what? They are such a good learning tool to incorporate into ANY level of education. Young kids could easily contribute, add pictures, videos, most Wiki interfaces are easy to use!


Wetpaint is one wiki engine which I would HIGHLY recommend. Very effective, easy to use, and has everything that you could possibly need when creating a wiki.


You can insert a great wealth of information there which can be added to by anyone else. A very worthwhile CA (continuous assessment) in the end, even with the confusion at the beginning. 


If you’re interested, check it out, feel free to join and collaborate!