Sinead tagged me for this, and being unable to ignore things like this incase something bad happens as a results – I had no choice.

Here are the rules:

1) Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog.
2) Write the rules.
3) Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about you.
4) Tag 6 persons adding their links directly.
5) Alert the persons that you tagged them.

So… without further ado…

1)  I have random obsessions with certain animals – and often want to own as a pet. The desire to own an otter was the most recent one.

My Pet Otter

My Pet Otter

2) I think I have a slight case of ADD, and I believe it was caused by the internet.

3) Sometimes, I want to cry when I see old people.

4) I would easily go back to college and do another BSc and another MSc in IT related disciplines.

5) I am happiest when singing, composing and playing my guitar. All. At. Once.

6) Every day I tell myself I will be the best I can be.

I’m tagging… uhm… Renaldo, The Empress Molly, Lee, and I don’t know anyone else hehe…



May 1, 2009

Saw this in a shop in Poole – you can get a £5 reward if the shop attendent doesn’t give you your receipt.

Just make sure you keep your receipt as that’s the only way you can claim your reward… FAIL