Wiki What?

January 3, 2009

Funnily enough, before starting my 2 year MSc in Cyberpsychology, the only wiki I knew about was Wikipedia. 




Didn’t really know that you could use them for pretty much anything you want! When I recieved the brief on the assignment I had to do, I was unsure, the actual Wiki itself looked pretty cool, it was everything else that was confusing. 


Upon recieving clarification, I chose my topic – Wiki’s in Education. 


And ya know what? They are such a good learning tool to incorporate into ANY level of education. Young kids could easily contribute, add pictures, videos, most Wiki interfaces are easy to use!


Wetpaint is one wiki engine which I would HIGHLY recommend. Very effective, easy to use, and has everything that you could possibly need when creating a wiki.


You can insert a great wealth of information there which can be added to by anyone else. A very worthwhile CA (continuous assessment) in the end, even with the confusion at the beginning. 


If you’re interested, check it out, feel free to join and collaborate!