Well we can always rely on Stephen Fry to have amazing judgment on new gadgets and technologies, Twitter has not escaped his watchful eye, thats for sure!

Tweet with Twitter

Tweet with Twitter

I have been following Stephen Fry on Twitter for a number of months now, and have been enamored with his interesting tweets. Especially when he was filming a documentary and kept his follows updated on every step he took.

Now, since mentioning being on Twitter on Johnathon Ross TV show, his following figures have soared, so much so that he had to release this on his blog to give people guidelines. Popular man!

If anyone is interested follow me on Twitter. I frequently Tweet about Usability, Accessibility, HCI, Web Design… occasionally song lyrics. It’s been an interesting tool to keep in touch with people, and to meet new people with as well. Sinead Cochrane really deserves the praise for this for introducing me to Twitter.

The ease of use, and the accessibility of Twitter is what really has driven up it’s numbers. People can use Twitter using their PC, from their Mobiles, PDAs, Iphones etc. 140 characters means you have to say a pretty short message, short and sweet I guess, but this is what is really it’s a charm.

Without having to sit down for hours at a time, reading/writing a blog post, take seconds to update and inform, elaborate later if needs be. In a time when everyone seems to be rushed off their feet, Twitter allows us to take 5 minutes to be kept updated on many people at once.