February 10, 2009

As many of you may know, I have a keen interest in the area of Usability.

The idea of creating persons, scenarios, prototypes, wireframes really does excite me, and the possibility of working in a job which involves these kind of tasks really is terribly exciting.

Over here, very few web design, new media agencies hire people who are usability experience experts. They hire programmers and designers, and the pressure is put on the designer to create something that is inherently usable, even though a lot of designers that I know, would be primarily creative, and whose designs would reflect creativity and not necessarily something that is usable.

The few companies who do actually have the ‘middle man’ are the companies who create long-lasting, rich, user-friendly, high-revenue generating websites. Creating an ultimate user experience ensures that people will return to the site, and that people may repeatedly spend money with you.

Standard users aren’t going to grasp that a website they have visited is incredibly usable, but they will notice one that wasn’t usable at all, they will struggle to complete a task, and they won’t return!

Put more money into usability I say! Especially in these times – putting a small amount into something which may generate you high-revenue is very worthwhile! Better than putting a huge amount of money into a site that doesn’t generate you any return as a result of bad user-interface design.